How much does a pool renovation cost?

This depends on the extent of whats to be restored...,do you want the pool interior alone resurfaced, or an entire face lift? Another cost variable is the extent of work that is needed to prepare the old pool so that is suited to resurfacing. The products chosen to reline your pool also differ in price. Your best bet is to call us and arrange for a free site visit to provide a cost outline.

How can I find or test for a leak in my pool?

Test areas around the pipes in your pool with dye. Take some food colouring and fill the cap from the bottle. Cover the cap with your thumb and submerge near the areas you suspect could be leaking. Pull your finger back a little to release some dye. If there is a leak the dye will highlight the 'current' as its swept along.

The interior surface of our pool appears streaky and patchy in areas. Can this be fixed?

Yes. We can usually even out streak tones till they are practically invisible. The treatments will cause your interior to return to its original colour. See images below.

pool interior chemical cut and acid wash results

Can our pool interior be made up of a blend of materials...tile, quartz and glass for instance?

Yes. Different materials work well together and are often combined when incorporating a 'beach' or ramp entry to a pool, highlighting step tops, or transitions above the water level.

Can pool renders like Quartzon be patched?

Yes, however the colours will never perfectly match.

Our pool interior is developing dark spots. Is this stain from within the Quartz or Grout?

Not usually. Spots are often diagnosed incorrectly. They are typically rust stains or black spot mould. Black spot will usually start out in the cove of your pool or tight corner. We can remove these stains for you.    CLICK FOR BLACK SPOT     CLICK FOR RUST STAIN

Our pool has been left without filtration running for a long time. Do we need to resurface it to make it look presentable?

Not necessarily. We have been able to save pools in the past with specialised treatments.

pool stain removal

Can pool tiles and mosaics be fixed or re-glued in place while the pool is full, or do we need to empty it first? It depends on the circumstances. Call us to discuss this.

How long does it take to fully re-tile a pool?

There are simply too many variables to say. Call us to provide more information about your pool so we can give you an estimate.